maybe the reason why nintendo puts out such good stuff is that they’re actually massive kids in adult stuff, and they’re also aware that kids’ stuff can appeal to adults, so they just try to enjoy themselves as much as possible so that they know others will enjoy their stuff just as much 

Reminder about this subreddit. 

being “harder” doesn’t make dota 2 better 

being complex yet understandable, having developers that are punctual and thoughtful in their responses and care about their fans, treating creators well, supporting independent tournaments, creating interesting and engaging characters, design detail, and actually supporting a developer (icefrog) that sticks to their work and community for over a decade makes dota 2 better

The Gamers/The Space
Sometime just before 2000,
My family had the privilege of acquiring
A Nintendo 64.
I remember family Goldmember and Mario Kart
And that shitty Star Wars movie game.
My first rated-R game was Shadowman,
Before I knew what a rating even was.
And I taught my brother 3nd-grade-level English
Using Ocarina of Time
Before I finished the first grade.
I found myself in Sailor Moon And the Powerpuff Girls
And even a little bit in Dee Dee as she ransacked her brother's room.
But never had I found peace with seeing a role model
In Princess Zelda, and Princess Peach, and the "Bond Girls,"
Who I always found myself saving instead of playing.
(Well, I didn't know Samus was a girl!)
I wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer, an elf running across the lands,
And no matter how silent, how supposedly-relatable they were meant to be,
They were clearly meant to be for a player,
And that player was not me.
That player was my brother and the boys on the playground.
But I found no solstice in the moments of glory
When the hero climbed up to the top of the tower and claimed victory.
Soon I matured, and so did the games
And past these golden ages of gaming
I found more women characters but less women than ever before.
These characters that I loved did grow with me,
But the growing options showed not my growth,
Instead that of my brother and the boys in the locker rooms.
They showed them what they wanted to see,
And they do not see this in me,
Nor any other girl who enjoys video games,
And now they take it out on us,
As slurs and catcalls and insults
And anything that will just get us away from the things we love.
As much as it is the community's fault.
And they say that they treat us well,
But we're either a unicorn or a bitch,
Either "brave" for just doing what we want
Or a "bitch" because we're doing what we want
And they're scared that we're going to hear their slurs and bullshit.
Maybe the "gamer girl" excuse would have worked in 2007
When a PS2 and an ethernet cord and expensive hook-ups
Were a sign of power and wealth for the white boys of America
And girls strive to have even so much power to this day
But now that games are cheap and multiplayer just requires Internet
They're scared
Because we're in their space.
The space
Apparently belongs to the people who claim it.
And I know women claim their spots,
So much as men do,
Because I am a woman
And I know women
And we enjoy games.
But the developers see men.
They see white, straight men,
And I do not see white, straight men.
I see myself, a biracial woman,
A girl I once knew
Who is short and Irish and possibly genderqueer,
A girl working to rid herself of her penis,
A girl who is working towards the top of her game,
Women in the army who fought for my country,
Women who dress as their favorites,
And I see none of these women
In the white men with guns.
And the white warriors
And the white-passing men who kill in the streets.
So perhaps they say we have space
But it's a tiny corner,
One where we become vulnerable
To a player.
Today, I finally talked to my younger girl cousin about video games,
A rising Lego Robotics champion, a Girl Scout, an artist, a potential programmer
And clearly wanting to be a gamer as much as I had,
I looked at her video games,
And they were mostly her father's.
Had she been a boy, she would know about the female body of Master Chief's digital companion,
The digital versions of real women cheering on the sidelines,
How women only die as motivators for your actions,
That men are the soldiers and commanders of the armies that will rule one day.
So I'm glad that she enjoys Minecraft.
Maybe in a year or two I'll buy her the most recent Tomb Raider.
I'll play Remember Me to see if it's appropriate for her,
And maybe the same with Mirror's Edge.
But I have a feeling her father will tell her
"that's too violent for young girls"
While our cousins play Call of Duty.
So we'll eventually get by somehow.
But for today.
I found a post upset that Bronies are harassed.
"We just like Ponies!"
"We shouldn't be punished because we like girly stuff!"
"Why are you so upset at us?"
"Don't make Bronies such an easy target!"
And what I'm finally seeing
Are the players that I envied
And they are finally making an outrage
Because there is a space,
And it is good, and they see this,
And it belongs to an audience,
But finally,
I am the audience.
And it is not a game,
But these are many of The Gamers
And I want them to taste
The isolation we have felt
Since the creation of gaming.

Reddit user /u/theheartofbattle created body type charts of the Champions and Heroes from the popular MOBA/ARTS games League of Legends and Dota 2 respectively. 

Each chart represents each represented gender/sex. 

(It should be noted that Puck and Io/Wisp from Dota 2 are both gender-neutral.)

[Original with discussion/comments.]

I think I understand something about LoL VS Dota 2. Dota 2 seems more like it leans towards more serious play, while LoL has always seemed kind of casual to me, as it's easier to pick up (from what i've heard.) LoL has more baubles and customization, where Dota 2 is just straight gameplay, no worrying about skins and such. I think it all matters on your gameplay style and preferences, if i'm honest. I mean, LoL is free and Dota 2 is not, after all? There are bound to be differences.

Nonononono. Hold up. Few misconceptions

  • LoL has more baubles and customization, where Dota 2 is just straight gameplay, 

Dota 2’s economic approach in order to make money, as opposed to LoL, is to have small items that you can attach to your heroes, instead of whole skins. And actually, some of these are made by fans who take a good chunk of the money, so it benefits them as well. And hell, people dish out mad money for this stuff - someone spent well over $30k on a courier. You can also gain item drops from just playing the game. And none of these have any effect on the actual gameplay - they’re just for show. If you play TF2, you’ll understand this system well. 

LoL’s system is more obnoxious, if you ask me. The skins are excessive. Ridiculously. Valve requires users to at least stick to the lore and color scheme of the original character. Riot… we don’t even know.

If by “baubles” you meant Runes and Masteries, yes, LoL does have that option, but along those same lines, the game also requires you to unlock heroes. Which brings me to: 

  •  I mean, LoL is free and Dota 2 is not, after all. 

Dota 2, to me, now that it’s out of beta and doesn’t require key access, is more of a “free-to-play” game than LoL is. The only barrier between you and a full hero pool, once you enter Dota 2, is the tutorial. 

With LoL, you do have to unlock the heroes, but you can also pay. In that sense, LoL is more free-to-play like an MMO is, where someone who’s more rich will have advantages, for sure. 

And it’s definitely going to affect how you master LoL’s gameplay. You end up specializing in a few Champions and having to switch between the free ones. Which, don’t get me wrong, is an interesting system, but it will affect your long-term gameplay. 

With that said, yes, Dota 2 is more complex in gameplay than LoL. The latter tends to have more consolidated roles and gameplay, where Dota 2 requires a lot more on on-the-spot improvisation, and the heroes are much more flexible in terms of roles than LoL. 

I hope this explains things. 

People who play LoL frequently ask me why DotA players “hate” LoL, and I go through this history lesson with them. Here’s the basic facts, most DotA players do not hate LoL, they hate Riot Games and most of the people who work there. When it was first being developed LoL was marketed directly to the DotA crowd, fuck, they gave Beta Keys away to a ton of forum members on dota-allstars and in TDA Clans chat room. I played a few Beta Matches but was never able to get into it.

At first, most people were supportive of Riot, and wished Guinsoo and company the best of luck. But then LoL actually launched and a majority of the DotA community didn’t like it, so they just kept playing DotA. Well this made Riot mad, but they shrugged it off as LoL exploded. Then IceFrog announced his meeting with Valve and their intend to recreate DotA in the Source Engine—DotA 2. Riot was not happy about this, and Pendragon—whom had been running dota-allstars and TDA Clan—and various Riot employees basically conspired to trademark anything DotA-related he could and shut down the official dota-allstars site redirecting people to the LoL site instead.

He shut down the site after years of operation, and deleted years and years of posts, hero ideas, balance discussion, and bug lists. He tried to in one swift move cripple the DotA community. This is mind you, after they beta tested the game using DotA’s community, advertised on DotA’s largest website unobjected, and were given input from the DotA community every step of the way how they could make a game and draw that crowd in. Luckily Blizzard laid claims to the trademarks they gathered because of the WC3 ToS, and then hammered out a deal with Valve to get DotA 2 made. That is a huge reason why a lot of character art is different and hero names are changed (Windranger instead of Windrunner is largely because the Windrunner family was a central figure in High Elven society in Warcraft, etc.).

So I don’t hate LoL, the game is alright, I enjoy DotA 2 more. I hate Riot Games. I hate that they promised tens of thousands of players a WC3-independent successor to DotA:Allstars and delivered League of Legends. I hate that Pendragon almost destroyed the community that made the genre popular in the first place. I hate that he refused to apologize and has patronized DotA and the DotA Community ever since. I hate their anti-competitive bullshit masquerading as “helping further eSports”.

/u/neurosisxeno on why DotA/Dota 2 players hate Riot Games and, more specifically, one of its main founders, Pendragon. [[original comment](] 

In case you were wondering. 

It’s pretty disappointing to see this kind of anti competitive practice being put into place. Some of the games they have added onto this list just seem ridiculous.

Fat Princess the next big eSports title?


This includes Featured Streamers as well as professional players. 

Many Featured Streamers have been quietly removed already from the list as a result of some small streams featuring non-League games. 

(Also. Tobacco products. That’s a thing that’s banned from their streams. No, seriously. I don’t like smoking, but… really?)

For anyone who doesn’t believe me about Riot being a ridiculously butthurt, shitty company. 

this game’s on sale and it’s really great 

you should watch this stream 

Review: The Stanley Parable.

See, the thing is, you’re reading a review in order to gain an idea of what The Stanley Parable is, right? But that wouldn’t work, oh, no it wouldn’t. Firstly, that would involve explaining the plot to you in order to critique its finer points, and that’s no fun. Spoilers aren’t always helpful in discussing the quality of a game, depending on its platform. As they say, the journey is greater than the destination. That’s probably wrong, but who cares? There’s a good chance you didn’t, because I assume you skimmed half of the above to get to the good stuff, or maybe you skipped it altogether. [With that said, if you see this text, and you are NOT on the dashboard, someone who has reblogged this post with good intentions has forgotten to “reblog as text.” I highly recommend finding a way to fit this full review into your followers’ dashboards so that they, too, may experience this writing. If you are on the dashboard, congratulations on reaching this review. Please continue.] So let me tell you about how the gameplay of The Stanley Parable works. 

You are a player. You have been sitting at a computer for quite a long time, pressing buttons you may not quite comprehend to reach a goal that you understand just as much. One day, there is a catalyst, and everything changes. The weight of your wallet is slightly less than it was minutes ago, some electrons signal a “wiring of currency,” and there you are, downloading a software onto your computer, possibly through a third-party program that allows the exchange of similar programs, and eventually this software has been installed onto your computer. Eventually, you are using this software, and that is how The Stanley Parable begins. 

Or, you can take the alternative route. See, there is a separate software, a “lightweight” version of sorts, that does not actually make your wallet lighter, even if the prior implication says so before. This is what they call a Demo of sorts. And you go through a similar process, and when all is said and done, you are using a similar software, attempting to enjoy the output. 

Now, when all is said and done, if you do enjoy this “Demo,” you may reset the situation follow the prior-mentioned path. Of course, given that many of you may see this post at a later date, there is a chance that the amount of money being transferred to the software developers (which you never really quite thought about until just this moment) is slightly heavier, because at the time that this “review” is being written, the game is 25% off its original price. I believe this would be a wonderful opportunity to engage in this process and begin The Stanley Parable. 

If you do continue along these paths, remember this review. It will be very relevant later. This review is a piece of work, only decipherable by those who have truly embraced the process that is “Playing The Stanley Parable.” 

And it is certainly a process that will change your perspective of software, choices, and state of mind. 

And game developers. Don’t forget those again. 


(btw all the buttons are actually functional down there like seriously valve what are you trying to achieve)




(btw all the buttons are actually functional down there like seriously valve what are you trying to achieve)

also the album version of get lucky just came on so now is clearly the best time to join in 

yes. there will be shenanigans, cursing, edm, and more cursing 

Screenshots of my outfit in Guns of Icarus Online! 

The hair is Messy Updo, Carmine Red Dye. The eyewear is Cyclops Patch.

okay can we talk about the fact that asa butterfield who plays ender in ender’s game started dota 2 after ender’s game wrapped and is actually a player in the reddit dota 2 league 

fully revealed by his ama 

So as you all know, I’m kind of a bit of an avid gamer. I’m not quite on the level of fedora-wearing 4chan lurkers, but frankly, I’m more likely to pick up a new game than a new TV series. 

However, my gaming equipment is.. well… less than adequate. My laptop is fine! But my mouse is an old souvenir mouse from the Bahamas that’s falling apart, my mousepad is literally the cardboard back cover of a notebook, and my headphones’s sound are broken, so I literally have to wear headphones AND earplugs. 

So I’m trying to raise $210 that will get me basic gaming equipment, which consists of the following, purchased in this order: 

  • Mouse Pad (because I have a mouse already) 
  • Mouse (because the mouse isn’t quite a gaming mouse) 
  • Laptop Cooler (because there was an incident where my laptop shut down in the finals of a gaming competition) 
  • Professional Headset (not quite a priority but it would really, REALLY help to get my interest in casting going)

This isn’t urgent, and I won’t make you feel bad if you don’t because this is really stupid to some of you, but as great as my job is, I really, REALLY can’t afford this, between keeping up my relationship with my long-distance noob feeder lover boy and starting up my student loans. 

But I have ambitions to be a pro gamer and/or a caster in the future, and I can’t quite afford to be either, nor are my crap-tier gaming accessories up for the challenge. (And Christmas isn’t for a very, very long time.) 

And I know good equipment doesn’t bump up your talent, but as I’ve learned, bad equipment is a major setback to progress! 

$210 is a totally doable amount, right!?

Please donate and/or share! Thanks for reading! 

(P.S. I’ll probably set up some tier rewards in the near future, including pencil drawings, so stay tuned!)