my favorite part of smash bros is that it’s honestly just becoming a celebration of iconic video game characters and nintendo doesn’t give a flyinhg shindingle that they’re handing out publicity to other studios, they just want to have fun and throw in as many characters as possible  

isn’t that literally just the best thought 


please watch this video even if you’re not into dota 2 please just look at this this is a 10 million dollar video game tournament and this happened 

Interested in watching The International 4, but you’re a complete newbie to the game? Or are you just interested in listening to the basics of the game getting explained in layman terms? 

This year, Valve is providing an official Newcomer Stream, where casters will explain the game in terms easy for beginners to understand. 

Make sure to check out TI4, the two-week tournament which has over ten million USD in prizes! 

Each day of TI4 begins at 9PST/12EST. For more information check out the /r/dota2 Survival Guide.

Please fill out if you’re in NJ and want to see a pubstomp!

I don’t think people realize it but The Legend of Zelda series treats its female characters really well, like, the princesses are treated like princesses, and all the others are treated as equals, friends, companions, and mentors to Link. And being female isn’t excluded as a feature, it’s written into the character. Really well-written characters all around. It’s kind of become a given. Bless. 

Gamestop TV: Assassin's Creed Unity will feature a new co-op mode. There are also new physical interactions with your environment... [etc]
Me: Yes, but you cannot animate...
[hovers hands over chest]
[Discussion ensues with the cashier and my brother about what a load of shit that is.]
♫ ♪  one of these things is not like the other
one of these things just doesn’t belong ♪ ♫

♫ ♪  one of these things is not like the other

one of these things just doesn’t belong ♪ 

I won’t lie, all these mario kart 8 clips coming out are incredible 

we’ve gone years of our lives living subtle little frustrations and victories in our races and finally we get a chance to display them and make fun of them in a way that doesn’t look like shit or make us sound crazy 


The prize pool for the Valve-sponsored Dota 2 tournament, The International 4, has reached $5 million.

I highly recommend this game for you and your friends if you’re highly interested in: 

  • Steampunk 
  • Airship 
  • MOBAs!!

but also the following 

  • Indie developers 
  • Extremely involved devs 
  • Devs who hop in and play matches from time to time 
  • Devs that left a big studio to pursue their ideas 
  • An unorthodox approach to gameplay involving heavy teamwork and specialization 
  • Friendly clan battles and competitions if you’re down for that 
  • Flying around with a bunch of nerds yelling at each other to shoot and fix things  
  • They recently added cosmetic ship customization 
  • They’re planning an Adventure Mode so there’s that too 
  • Okay but seriously we’re all nerds 

It’s one of those games that’s odd to learn (not hard, just odd) but really great and intense when you get into it. 

So if you have a few extra dollars laying around and want to support an awesome indie multiplayer steampunk airship battle game then this is a really great buy. 

(And if you do sign up, let me know and add me!) 

maybe the reason why nintendo puts out such good stuff is that they’re actually massive kids in adult stuff, and they’re also aware that kids’ stuff can appeal to adults, so they just try to enjoy themselves as much as possible so that they know others will enjoy their stuff just as much 

Reminder about this subreddit. 

being “harder” doesn’t make dota 2 better 

being complex yet understandable, having developers that are punctual and thoughtful in their responses and care about their fans, treating creators well, supporting independent tournaments, creating interesting and engaging characters, design detail, and actually supporting a developer (icefrog) that sticks to their work and community for over a decade makes dota 2 better

The Gamers/The Space
Sometime just before 2000,
My family had the privilege of acquiring
A Nintendo 64.
I remember family Goldmember and Mario Kart
And that shitty Star Wars movie game.
My first rated-R game was Shadowman,
Before I knew what a rating even was.
And I taught my brother 3nd-grade-level English
Using Ocarina of Time
Before I finished the first grade.
I found myself in Sailor Moon And the Powerpuff Girls
And even a little bit in Dee Dee as she ransacked her brother's room.
But never had I found peace with seeing a role model
In Princess Zelda, and Princess Peach, and the "Bond Girls,"
Who I always found myself saving instead of playing.
(Well, I didn't know Samus was a girl!)
I wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer, an elf running across the lands,
And no matter how silent, how supposedly-relatable they were meant to be,
They were clearly meant to be for a player,
And that player was not me.
That player was my brother and the boys on the playground.
But I found no solstice in the moments of glory
When the hero climbed up to the top of the tower and claimed victory.
Soon I matured, and so did the games
And past these golden ages of gaming
I found more women characters but less women than ever before.
These characters that I loved did grow with me,
But the growing options showed not my growth,
Instead that of my brother and the boys in the locker rooms.
They showed them what they wanted to see,
And they do not see this in me,
Nor any other girl who enjoys video games,
And now they take it out on us,
As slurs and catcalls and insults
And anything that will just get us away from the things we love.
As much as it is the community's fault.
And they say that they treat us well,
But we're either a unicorn or a bitch,
Either "brave" for just doing what we want
Or a "bitch" because we're doing what we want
And they're scared that we're going to hear their slurs and bullshit.
Maybe the "gamer girl" excuse would have worked in 2007
When a PS2 and an ethernet cord and expensive hook-ups
Were a sign of power and wealth for the white boys of America
And girls strive to have even so much power to this day
But now that games are cheap and multiplayer just requires Internet
They're scared
Because we're in their space.
The space
Apparently belongs to the people who claim it.
And I know women claim their spots,
So much as men do,
Because I am a woman
And I know women
And we enjoy games.
But the developers see men.
They see white, straight men,
And I do not see white, straight men.
I see myself, a biracial woman,
A girl I once knew
Who is short and Irish and possibly genderqueer,
A girl working to rid herself of her penis,
A girl who is working towards the top of her game,
Women in the army who fought for my country,
Women who dress as their favorites,
And I see none of these women
In the white men with guns.
And the white warriors
And the white-passing men who kill in the streets.
So perhaps they say we have space
But it's a tiny corner,
One where we become vulnerable
To a player.
Today, I finally talked to my younger girl cousin about video games,
A rising Lego Robotics champion, a Girl Scout, an artist, a potential programmer
And clearly wanting to be a gamer as much as I had,
I looked at her video games,
And they were mostly her father's.
Had she been a boy, she would know about the female body of Master Chief's digital companion,
The digital versions of real women cheering on the sidelines,
How women only die as motivators for your actions,
That men are the soldiers and commanders of the armies that will rule one day.
So I'm glad that she enjoys Minecraft.
Maybe in a year or two I'll buy her the most recent Tomb Raider.
I'll play Remember Me to see if it's appropriate for her,
And maybe the same with Mirror's Edge.
But I have a feeling her father will tell her
"that's too violent for young girls"
While our cousins play Call of Duty.
So we'll eventually get by somehow.
But for today.
I found a post upset that Bronies are harassed.
"We just like Ponies!"
"We shouldn't be punished because we like girly stuff!"
"Why are you so upset at us?"
"Don't make Bronies such an easy target!"
And what I'm finally seeing
Are the players that I envied
And they are finally making an outrage
Because there is a space,
And it is good, and they see this,
And it belongs to an audience,
But finally,
I am the audience.
And it is not a game,
But these are many of The Gamers
And I want them to taste
The isolation we have felt
Since the creation of gaming.