I’ll be playing The Secret World, a pretty cool MMO that’s modern-day fantasy-sci-fi with some historical references and cool missions.

If enough people come, I might win money! Help me get money for college!  

my favorite part of smash bros is that it’s honestly just becoming a celebration of iconic video game characters and nintendo doesn’t give a flyinhg shindingle that they’re handing out publicity to other studios, they just want to have fun and throw in as many characters as possible  

isn’t that literally just the best thought 


please watch this video even if you’re not into dota 2 please just look at this this is a 10 million dollar video game tournament and this happened 

Interested in watching The International 4, but you’re a complete newbie to the game? Or are you just interested in listening to the basics of the game getting explained in layman terms? 

This year, Valve is providing an official Newcomer Stream, where casters will explain the game in terms easy for beginners to understand. 

Make sure to check out TI4, the two-week tournament which has over ten million USD in prizes! 

Each day of TI4 begins at 9PST/12EST. For more information check out the /r/dota2 Survival Guide.

Please fill out if you’re in NJ and want to see a pubstomp!

I don’t think people realize it but The Legend of Zelda series treats its female characters really well, like, the princesses are treated like princesses, and all the others are treated as equals, friends, companions, and mentors to Link. And being female isn’t excluded as a feature, it’s written into the character. Really well-written characters all around. It’s kind of become a given. Bless. 

Gamestop TV: Assassin's Creed Unity will feature a new co-op mode. There are also new physical interactions with your environment... [etc]
Me: Yes, but you cannot animate...
[hovers hands over chest]
[Discussion ensues with the cashier and my brother about what a load of shit that is.]
♫ ♪  one of these things is not like the other
one of these things just doesn’t belong ♪ ♫

♫ ♪  one of these things is not like the other

one of these things just doesn’t belong ♪ 

I won’t lie, all these mario kart 8 clips coming out are incredible 

we’ve gone years of our lives living subtle little frustrations and victories in our races and finally we get a chance to display them and make fun of them in a way that doesn’t look like shit or make us sound crazy 


The prize pool for the Valve-sponsored Dota 2 tournament, The International 4, has reached $5 million.

I highly recommend this game for you and your friends if you’re highly interested in: 

  • Steampunk 
  • Airship 
  • MOBAs!!

but also the following 

  • Indie developers 
  • Extremely involved devs 
  • Devs who hop in and play matches from time to time 
  • Devs that left a big studio to pursue their ideas 
  • An unorthodox approach to gameplay involving heavy teamwork and specialization 
  • Friendly clan battles and competitions if you’re down for that 
  • Flying around with a bunch of nerds yelling at each other to shoot and fix things  
  • They recently added cosmetic ship customization 
  • They’re planning an Adventure Mode so there’s that too 
  • Okay but seriously we’re all nerds 

It’s one of those games that’s odd to learn (not hard, just odd) but really great and intense when you get into it. 

So if you have a few extra dollars laying around and want to support an awesome indie multiplayer steampunk airship battle game then this is a really great buy. 

(And if you do sign up, let me know and add me!) 

maybe the reason why nintendo puts out such good stuff is that they’re actually massive kids in adult stuff, and they’re also aware that kids’ stuff can appeal to adults, so they just try to enjoy themselves as much as possible so that they know others will enjoy their stuff just as much 

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being “harder” doesn’t make dota 2 better 

being complex yet understandable, having developers that are punctual and thoughtful in their responses and care about their fans, treating creators well, supporting independent tournaments, creating interesting and engaging characters, design detail, and actually supporting a developer (icefrog) that sticks to their work and community for over a decade makes dota 2 better