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Alright, thanks for the replies everyone. Didn’t mean to make you all mad, I just wanted to understand the liberal side. I’m cool with welfare for families that need it and are actively seeking work. I know the requirements, but it is an easy system to corrupt. Forget about statistics here because you can’t gather this kind. Use common sense- Don’t you think it’s the least bit odd that you have to get drug tests to have a job in this country, but not to collect money from those who have jobs and contribute to society? Seriously, I’d be fine with helping people who are not doing drugs. I admire the trust in this “honor system,” but wouldn’t it make all the sense in the world to require drug tests on the unemployed who go on welfare.

As far as OWS goes, I’m all for exercising democratic rights. However, this has gone too far. You might want to check this out- I’m sure that not all protesters use drugs, burn our flag, and assault people. But it’s disturbing how many are, and getting away with it.

Also, corporations create jobs and run this country. Attacking them and being paranoid about “lobbying” is just silly and un- American. Capitalism runs on competition and these corporations create global competitiveness and American superiority across the world. Why do people have a problem with our politicians helping them out? So what, they get paid. Good for them! It’s not undermining democracy at all. Corporations are made up of people, and those people are the ones helping our economy. We must get work ethic back in America because this system has always worked until this current epidemic of laziness and entitlement sense.

As far as poor people helping themselves, that’s not what I said at all. I think we the people must take responsibility and help them, apart from the government. My family is active in helping the poor. My parents donate to many charities and we help the poor through my volunteer activities, such as homeless shelters. This is actually caring for the poor. Unlike big government help, with its many opportunities for corruption, it’s actually showing them love as opposed to forced giving.

I’m just going to focus real quick on the part I bolded. This, folks, is spoon-fed conservative nonsense. OP, you asked liberals to explain corruption. But corporations paying politicians to look out for their special interests is just “creating competition”? And questioning that is UN-AMERICAN? Gee, I wonder why people say Republicans don’t care about poor people!

For real though. Having social programs (which every first-world nation has, including the ones with better economies than ours) is creating an “epidemic of laziness and entitlement” but openly supporting candidates who will let you pay less in taxes is just how capitalism works? Seriously? Seriously? Are you even listening to yourself?

Take your own advice and use a little common sense. Do you think we should drug test every person who gets tax breaks? Every person who uses public schools and parks and sidewalks? No? Then why should we only drug test poor people who use “taxpayer money”? HMMMM.

I love your “well you can’t gather statistics on this stuff” line. Actually you can! In Florida, when they started drug-testing welfare recipients, less than 2% of them failed. That’s lower than than the average level of drug use in our country, period. That’s not common sense — that’s reality. The truth has a liberal bias.


To respond to the #OWS accusation: Almost every single time you find a violent situation in #OWS, it starts with the police actually making efforts to avoid letting the peaceful protests reach their destination.

The Oakland protests, though, have far more history than just OWS with police brutality. I personally wouldn’t know it, since I don’t keep up on that area, but within days of their first rounds of arrests, media outlets had articles linking OWS arrests to past situations in the justice system. There’s barely a handful of citizens that are surprised that there’s this much violence on both sides of the playing field.

Unfortunately, Oakland is going to be used as a huge target for OWS critics that don’t really “get” this particular city. Certainly, though, it’s going to polarize the media further. 


I’ve seen a disconcerting surge of Ron Paul support amongst the Left on tumblr of late, and, though I do understand how, at times, Ron Paul takes some great stances no one else is willing to take, and, by the very fact of being such an idiosyncrasy, he appeals to the general distaste for…

pretty much these


Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) says “If you have the inconsistency then you’re not defending liberty.”[1] Paul has always been inconsistent. This inconsistency was noted by conservative commentator Mark Levin who says “Paul is poison. Hate America first crowd.”[2]
A major reason is because the Texan…