RE: Anonymous Warning - IMPORTANT

A lot of people aren’t going to take that Anonymous thing seriously, I know it, but before you start calling me out on how stupid I must be to fall for something like this, let me explain. 

First of all, the reason why I haven’t packed my shit and gotten on a train to NYC is because my risk of getting raided at five in the morning is as good as that of anyone else who clicked the false MegaUpload link after the official site went down. I’m sure that the FBI has people smart enough to sort out who accidentally clicked on it and who didn’t, but if not, then it’s fair game for all of us. But I haven’t personally done anything Anonymous-related besides some discussions and posts, and I’m pretty sure everyone does that at least once. So I’m personally not that worried.

However, there are people who did, in fact, get involved with Anonymous. Anyone who’s been following them at all knows that the FBI has been doing shitloads of raids to get “cyberterrorists.” And although at first, they got a lot of innocent people who simply happened to get caught in the crossfire, they’re getting better.

For those of you who are skeptical, don’t be so much. Anonymous is extremely good at - in fact, infamous for - digging up extremely sensitive information. They’ve gotten things like that right before. And they can be right again.

And the FBI has been really, really ridiculous with raiding. I think in the last year alone, they’ve gotten at least 35-40 people, a lot of whom turned out to be innocent. But yes, they did get people that they wanted, and many members of Anonymous have backed down because of that.

But there are others who didn’t and chose to keep going. And those are the people that the warnings are for. 

If you don’t get the warning out, don’t be surprised if one of your favorite bloggers disappears suddenly. 

That is all.